Washed Anderacha Village, Gr. 1

rose water / peach / cavendish tobacco

Washed Anderacha Village, Gr. 1
SNNPR Region
Sheka Zone
Anderacha Village

Horra Anderacha Coffee Plantation/Wet Mill
ECX Classification: Washed Specialty, Q1
-1800-2000 MASL
-2100 Producers

In keeping with our model of sourcing unique and delicious coffees, we are excited to offer the Anderacha Village. I first tasted this coffee when we were doing some workshops in Dilla. We were tasting comparative and contrasting coffees, and the Anderacha Village found its way on a table of about 25 Yirgacheffe coffees. This coffee stood out, not in bright, flashy sparkles. Rather, in its delicate florals and soft peachy body. Coffee from this area only really began being introduced to the world stage within the past few years. Prior to this, coffees from West Ethiopia were sold generically as Djimmah/Jimma coffees, comprising the largest land mass of producing areas. Of course, Limu coffees once played a major part in the World's Specialty Coffee demand. Once that position was lost to Yirgacheffe, coffees from these areas were largely ignored. The discovery of Gesha near Keffa turned the heads of a few influential visionaries who learned how to care for it like a trembling bird and capitalize on its tenderness. From this, many higher end coffees from these areas became recognized by district. Now we have coffees from not only Keffa and Limu, but Kellem Wollege, Godere, Yeki, Bebeke and Anderacha to name a few. Still largely wild forest, these coffees certainly exude a "gamey" character that adds to their charm. The Anderacha Village is extremely delicate, which perhaps suggests that it is a close cousin to the Gesha variety, with qualities of hibiscus, cherry candy, peach nectar, cinnamon and black cavendish.

One intriguing feature of the Anderacha Village is its uniformity. We rarely encounter such consistency in bean shape, screen size and evenness in roasting. No doubt, excellent harvesting and sorting protocols contribute to these qualities. However, even in the highest quality coffees from Sidama and Yirgacheffe, we find quite a fluctuation in bean size and density, due to diverse and numerous genetic heirloom varieties. What I find in the Anderacha Village is a uniformity that resembles more singular genetic variety.  

-       Michael McIntyre