Eyachew Zinabu

Eyachew Zinabu

Get Ready!

This coffee season in Ethiopia is not disappointing. In fact, I dare say that this has been one of the most incredible seasons for Ethiopian coffee in many years. Since we spent the entire harvesting/processing season working on site, we have been able to implement detailed protocols and progressive experiments, from better cherry acquisition for washing stations and process control points, to storage improvements and dry mill procedures. We have some ridiculously sparkling naturals coming in from all over Ethiopia, including some crazy tricks from our partnerships with Reko Koba in Kochere and Semalo Pride in Gelana Abaya.  We just cupped the first warehouse samples of Honey lots from these washing stations, and we are all in for a treat. 

Tiret Cooperative

On the other side of the country, in the Gololcha District of Harar, the Tiret Cooperative has come through many difficulties this season. Unseasonal rains have diminished harvest returns by up to 60% for some producers. Deribe Wubayehu, one of the cornerstones of quality in the Cooperative, lost 20% of his coffee farm from a major landslide. This event shifted the flow of a mountain spring river right through the middle of his land. He used it as an opportunity to build a water-powered mill for his corn production. The coffee that he was able to produce is tasting better than ever. These producers are incredibly hard-working and resilient, and their coffees are increasingly better each year we have the privilege of partnering with them. Community leader Abebayehu is currently in Dire Dawa with Zelalem, our Relationship and Quality Manager in Ethiopia. They are preparing farmer lots for export, and the first reports of micro lots are coming back as Grade 1!!! (This is a big deal FYI, and shows a huge improvement in their production over last year.)

We still have a few bags of current crop microlot coffees from the Tiret Cooperative: contact us to check them out for yourself.

Stay tuned as many new lots begin leaving Ethiopia.

Forward booking is available and encouraged for anybody interested in securing these coffees.