Greetings and Happy New Year from Catalyst Coffee!

2017 is here. Let's start the new year with some tips and tricks for coffee success!

Marketing/Blogging Images
We've all stumbled upon images such as this in our travels on coffee websites,  blogs, or marketing material. Poor quality, uneven roasting, roast defects, oh my. Don't be that company! Get yourself some high quality, marketable, images to use for your various media formats. Where? Pixabay (Free Stock Images)Flickr Commons (Attribution Only), and of course we fine folks at Catalyst have hundreds, if not thousands, of images you can use (like this one, which Emily took a month ago in Yirgacheffe). Do me a solid too and do not Google Gank your images (you wouldn't steal a wouldn't steal a wouldn't use Google Image Search to steal coffee photos). Give credit where credit is due and use high quality, beautiful, roast defect-free images.

Building out that New Space or Just Starting

I wrote a series of articles from Daily Coffee News on starting your first roasting operation. For those of you looking to expand into a new space or legitimately starting a shop, have a read and get off on the right foot with your favorite health inspector. If you have any questions, reach out. I've seen it all. A roaster falling through the floor of an old warehouse? Check. HVAC not aligning? Check. A natural gas ready roaster being hooked up to a propane tank? Check (Don't do that).


This article from my friend Andy Newbom (Dropbox Download as the original article is gone from the IP Coffee Blog) gives you a wonderful overview of contract terms. If you have questions about your contract or want to learn how to book coffee ahead, let me know, or email at

The Futures Market

I'm one of those weird roasters who also loves spreadsheets and futures markets. If you want to learn a little about this market, increase your negotiating and buying prowess, and become a market nerd like me, visit Khan Academy. They have a series of free classes that explain the futures markets, options, hedging, and other concepts you will want to know and understand as your company grows.

Finally, Safety First

Did you know OSHA offers free, no fine or punishment, inspections? They do and I highly recommend you contact your local OSHA office and schedule one. Industrial Hygiene and Safety inspectors will visit your facility and provide suggestions to improve worker safety, maintain your equipment, and keep your ears and lungs performing at their best. At the very least, get yourself some N95 masks and ear plugs. You'll thank me 30 years from now (preferably with a bag of coffee).

Happy New Year from all of us at Catalyst!

- Andrew Russo

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