We have been able to explore our coffees in many ways this season. Picking cherries, tracking drying progress on the drying tables, cupping results with coffee producers, and spending endless hours in the Quality Control lab, we certainly have a more complete picture and understanding of the entire process, start to finish. 

One unique approach we took with our coffees this season came in breaking down each lot by screen size and exploring where the focus lies for quality intensity. This has been quite educational to us, and we have decided to prepare several lots by individual screen size this year! 

It is difficult to prepare lots in this fashion in Ethiopia (just one lot done this way can add at least a couple days of heavily-intensive work and 14-hour days, and we are paying each worker 3x her usual fee for each day) but we feel the reward is worth the effort for several special coffees. The dynamic cup complexity this approach offers us is remarkable. 

For example, screen 16 of our Guji Kercha Dubisa delivers a lovely dose of watermelon soda, lemon balm and vanilla cream, while screen 15 sharpens that focus to a watermelon candy, lemon zest and warming vanilla. The character in screens 13/14 intensifies into regional Ethiopian herbs like tan’adam and koseret. Separating and experiencing each screen size expands the variation and concentration, and each screen becomes its own unique cup profile. On the roasting end, you will be able to isolate variables and maximize consistency in development due to the extreme regularity (both screen size and density) of these tiny lots. Additionally, by preparing many of our coffees by screen size this year, it creates opportunities for nano lots within micro lots. Many of our customers already in the know on these projects are securing lots but we have some still to be explored, so get in touch for details! We absolutely recommend forward booking on some of these very limited lots.

Quality Control Manager overseeing screen size sorting in Addis

Quality Control Manager overseeing screen size sorting in Addis