Make more money with coffee.

Learn the secrets to attracting folks who beg you to take their $$ (and do it without selling out).

Hi, I’m Emily McIntyre. I’ve built 3 coffee businesses from the ground up with practically $0 marketing budgets. Crema.co (coffee subscription for the righteous coffee lover), Catalyst Trade (Ethiopian coffee importer), and Catalyst Coffee Consulting (solutions for coffee folk).

I’ve consulted on marketing with numerous coffee businesses, from producers to exporters to roasters to cafes to the largest coffee nonprofit in the world. I’ve run PR resulting in millions of impressions, exploded instagram followings , and coordinated international product launches.

I created this class because I’ve been asked the same questions by countless coffee roasters, café owners, importers, exporters, and producers. They ask questions like:

  • Do I have to do social media?

  • Should I outsource my marketing to a design/PR/marketing firm? And WHY is that so expensive?

  • I make great coffee. Why aren’t people buying it? How do I get them to buy it?

  • Is there a secret to getting press coverage?

  • Why does X competitor have so much more traction than me?

  • What’s marketing? And, why do I have to do it—I just want to make great coffee.

  • I don’t want to sell out. Marketing seems like the definition of selling out. But I need to make more money. What do I do?

  • I’m just starting out—how can I get the most bang for my (very small) buck?

Marketing is easy, if you know what you’re doing.

If you have a simple strategy that makes sense for your personality and business, with a way to measure success.

If you have cheat sheets so you don’t have to remember every. little. thing.

If you feel confident you made the right decisions about hiring/outsourcing the work.

If your “marketing” is just… you. Your business. Clearly communicated, to the right people (people who will make you part of their day, pay real money to be part of your community, and love your coffee).

Welcome to my Coffee Marketin 101 Class. I’m distilling years of expert coffee marketing know-how into one afternoon. I’m going to cover marketing theory and practice, 100% focused on coffee business marketing.

If you’re an owner, manager, or marketing person for a small-to-medium coffee business, this class is for you. Whether you are just thinking about launching, or you’ve been around for years, I will equip you to make the right decisions to get customers in the door. You’ll walk away with a clear roadmap to plan and execute your company’s marketing strategy WITHOUT hiring a pricey PR firm.

TLDR; This class is the closest thing to a $$-printer you’ll ever find (legally).

The class will cover:

  • What do the terms “marketing” and “branding” mean to coffee businesses?

  • What are the important pieces to get right in order to attract customers? (i.e. 80/20 version)

  • How to figure out your company brand identity and why it’s so important

  • How to reach customers: find them, get their attention, and keep their loyalty? (translating to $$)

  • Social media: do you HAVE to? Should you hire somebody to post for you? How do you make sure you’re not wasting time/money? How much should you pay someone to do this for you, and how much time should it take per week? How do you get enough followers to make a difference—and how do you get the right followers? What should you post? How do you stand out from your competitors?

  • Website: should you have one? (Um… yes.) OK, quick hits: how to get a website that looks great without spending thousands of $$, what should your website say, how to stand out from everybody else, should you sell online and if yes, what are the basics of e-commerce?

  • Presentation: it’s not just brochures that matter. Tying into earlier points, what parts of your business need to align with your branding/marketing? How do you create a cohesive brand without breaking the bank? For coffeeshops, how much do menu, presentation, food offerings, and barista service impact your sales from a marketing standpoint? For roasters, what do potential customers see first, second? For importers/producers, what should you be paying attention to in your branding and your presentation?

  • PR: how do you get editors to notice you and writers to cover you? Should you send press releases? If yes, what should they say (and who should you send them to??) Why do some companies get covered in the press all the time and you don’t?

  • Your competition: how much should you pay attention to them? How can you learn from them? Is there enough business for all of you?


#1 - Downloadable Coffee Marketing Strategy Builder (custom worksheet: structure a marketing plan that works for your business)
#2 - Social Media Cheat Sheet
#3 - PR Checklist
#4 - Resource list (what social media schedulers to use, best DIY website tools, low-cost design, etc.)
#5 - Customizable Templates for: PR outreach, sponsorship requests, influencer/brand partnerships, and more