Dominion Trading Coffee has been importing Ethiopias for 13 years now, and Michael McIntyre (Catalyst co­owner & Q Grader) is the Quality Control officer for DTC, traveling 2x+ a year to work with our partners there, perform training, and select lots for importing.

Starting with last year's harvest, we are working directly with a group of 23 farmers in Golelcha, Harar, and will be offering the best of their lots individually this year. It's an incredible project headed by village leader Abebeyahu Nagesh, and we have helped them get raised drying beds in place as a beginning step. There's a lot more coming from them.

Another long­term relationship with DTC (8 years so far) has resulted, with Michael's help, in the new Pride Mill in the Kochere District, interestingly in Oromia, not Gedeo. This extremely remote mill serves a micro­community directly influencing around 2000 producers who until recently have had to take donkeys a half day away to a dry cherry mill. We are putting in an eco­pulper and washing stations, and are equipping the nearby producers with educational resources, quality­incentized premiums, etc.­­all in a community that's never had this happen before.

DTC's 2016 offerings are looking outstanding. Some 'crazy cool' microlots as well as great representative larger lots, all delivering strongly in the cup. 2015's largest project was implementation of an in­depth process control system with each of these partners to mitigate the natural risks of the Ethiopian coffee system. These coffees will be landing as early as late May and beyond. We have pre­ship samples we would love to share, if you have interest.