This is a project we have been involved with for a few years now. Juan Atkins is a native Peruvian who is importing some of the best Perus we've ever tasted, and Michael also acts as his Quality Control officer in origin and here. Perus of course are not known for being outstanding coffees, but the farmers we are partnering with have a passion for excellence and are demonstrating the subtle and exciting cup well­tended Perus can deliver.

We have coffees from farmers in the Cajamarca, Amazonas, and San Martín regions of Northern Peru (all Certified Organic) that we've worked with for a while now. This year's coffees from this region are even better than last year, which is saying a lot. We are also working extensively with a family in the Eastern Villa Rica area, headed by Traudel Germann of Finca Santa Josefa. She, with her husband Juan Luis who sadly just passed away from cancer, have worked with Juan (our client) for 4 years now to pivot their large, well­run farms into specialty, and the hard work is all starting to pay off with many small experimental processes and variety­specific microlots scoring into the upper 80's. Her family from the nearby region also produces tasty Perus.

North a few hours of them and very high in the Andes is Camonishari, a group of 65 farmers we are working with. Their coffee is delicious, and some of the farmers are doing exceptional, careful work that we are incentivizing, and separating in upcoming harvests. We are helping them build a central washing station and tiling fermentation tanks this year and giving them the opportunity to reach roasters healthily instead of selling to coyotes, as they've done in the past.