Principles of Catalyst Coffee Consulting

We solve coffee problems, with a minimum of fuss.
Based in the United States and Ethiopia, our expertise spans the
coffee supply chain from the farm level to retail.


top to bottom consulting

One of our strengths is the depth of understanding we bring to every project. Between us we have spent extensive time in nearly every aspect of the coffee industry, and we pay attention. This allows us to do more than simply execute tasks: we become the expert strategist for each of our clients, offering perspective on the long-term ramifications of each action and a global perspective.

Beyond our own knowledge bases and skill sets, we have a massive network of trusted, specialized coffee professionals we lean on to offer input and professional services for our clients. This mix of skill and connections means our clients can relax with the knowledge that their business is in the best hands possible.

Coffee business analysis + training

We offer a wide spectrum of services, ranging from business analysis to training to market strategy. Whether we are doing a walk-through of a coffee site and producing a SWOT analysis to guide your acquisition strategy, or we’re working with your team to develop a sourcing and coffee blending program, our goal is to equip you to be highly successful in coffee. We’re here to help you avoid costly pitfalls and risk, and have fun doing it.

The coffee industry is complex, saturated, and very niche-focused. While good business sense is essential, success in coffee depends on understanding exactly what problems you’re solving, solving them well, and doing it consistently. We support intentional business and will be the first to give you the heads-up if we see red flags.

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profit + ethics + passion = success

At Catalyst, we pursue a nuanced vision for coffee business. Profit is clearly essential, as is the long-term financial sustainability of each project we consult with. Moving past the profit motive, we emphasize ethical practices that are expressed in each aspect of the business. In fact, we believe that treating people well and being smart about it is the best way to grow a sustainable coffee business, and we only work with people who agree.

Beyond profit and ethics, we constantly return to the very core of coffee: it is a ritual that unites us. We tend to work with folks who are lit with passion for coffee and all that comes with it—with the dreamers and doers in the world, who aren’t afraid to get their nails dirty and get their hearts engaged.

This is our definition of coffee business success. If you agree, contact us. Let’s work together!