Michael McIntyre

FOUNDER + Quality Director

A Good Food award-winning roaster and licensed Q Grader, Michael McIntyre specializes in sourcing and quality control in green coffee. He spends months of the year in Ethiopia sourcing the next year's coffee offerings, training coffee professionals, and obsessively cupping. Back in Portland, he spends endless hours on the phone helping roasters find their coffee unicorns and knock out their customers. With over a decade experience in the coffee industry, Michael is relentlessly romanced by coffee and the community it facilitates. Outside of coffee, he is a musician with a love for vintage amps and an addiction to trolling Craigslist ads for antique coffee gear. (Download resume)


Emily McIntyre

founder + operations director

As director of operations for Catalyst, Emily consults for coffee companies in marketing and distribution, management, and quality control systems and has written countless articles for publications ranging from consumer to trade and beyond. Outside of Catalyst, she is founder and General Manager for coffee marketplace Crema.co, a travel / beverage journalist, and a coffee-focused photographer. When not working, she's likely training in Pukulan kung fu or working on a fantasy short story. (Download resume)


Lance Nichols


Nearly a decade getting his hands dirty in coffee has only increased Lance Nichols's passion for coffee and coffee people. A licensed Q Grader, SCA lab inspector, and SCA lead instructor, Lance has taught coffee classes in English and Spanish in a number of origin countries, opened and managed coffeehouses in New York, and was instrumental in building Gimme! Coffee's wholesale program. Lance's role with Catalyst includes helping to seek out special coffees and connecting communities in Ethiopia with roasters around the world. An Ithaca, New York resident, Lance was an art major at Reed University and loves photography, writing, and travel. (Download resume)


Eire McIntyre

cultural ambassador

Peaberry-hunter, junior cupper, and sample-puller extraordinaire, Eire McIntyre is an Oregon resident in general, but has lived in Ethiopia where she spent an inordinate amount of time writing the alphabet on walls with chalky stones, monitoring warehouse workers (penalties range from piggy-back rides to long sessions of pulling a bottle on a rope), and eating kolo (roasted barley). She has a unique ability to cross cultural barriers without noticing them, and an effortless cool that the rest of us can only aspire to.