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Coffee is centered in humanity.
We respect the intrinsic and invested value of each human in the global coffee value chain and advocate for appropriate reward.


We promote long-term decisions that build healthy lives, now and in the future.
Our children inherit this soil and these promises, from us. What will we leave them?


We value actions made with intention, and the constant accrual of skill over years of  labor, research, and humble questioning. Every decision adds to the whole in a cohesive endeavor that transcends today and bridges to tomorrow.

You don't have to do this alone.

Coffee can be a lonely journey, especially if you're bootstrapping your dreams. Whether you're starting a roasting company, a cafe, an importing company, or trying to get your family's coffee to market, you need training from folks who know the challenges you'll face and can help you carve years off your learning curve—while encouraging you that it's possible to thrive in the coffee industry without "selling out".

What's standing in the way of your success?

Since 2014, we've been tackling inequity in the coffee supply chain & connecting coffee folks with solutions to actually succeed in a meaningful way. We've consulted with dozens of companies all over the world and built a truly unique Ethiopian coffee importing company, and we are here to help you learn your way through the obstacles you face, whether they are how to get customers in the door of your cafe or how to create a great Quality Control program.

How can we help you?

Check out our latest Masterclass, where founder Emily McIntyre introduces the WORLD'S FIRST Coffee Marketing system and gives you cheat sheets, secrets only pro marketers know, and a proven method to get the word out to the right people about your coffee... and actually sell coffee, without selling out.


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